February love horoscope for taurus 2020

Love, also, is not free from conflicts, so you should be very careful with what you say and do: you are stepping on a landmine! Staring from 15th of April, Venus brings harmony in love. Unfortunately, in your career, a stagnation period awaits you. You are not doing great with your health either, you have a slow tonus, both physically and mentally.

For you, May is going to be very stimulating because Mars comes to lead and makes your blood boil. In the first part of the month, Venus helps you be in shape professionally. At work, you are full of ambition, force, and determination.

Taurus 2020 Love Horoscope

The Sun eclipse from May 10th makes you prone to accidents. Energy, magnetism, and luck remain at a high level during this month. Keep your savings until the end of the month. In love, you enjoy stability and you know how to settle conflicts with efficiency. A demanding and tiring month is waiting for you at work.

TAURUS 2020 - 2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

More rest and a healthier diet can help you recover. In love, you quit getting into conflicts once Mars leaves the house of love, so you are enjoying full harmony. Now that Saturn is in a balanced astral conjunction, your love life also starts to stabilize. Things calm down, conflicts disperse, and the communication with your partner is again positive.

It is also important to strengthen your bonds with your friends and family this year.

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You can help most simply without seeming too pushy. The littlest things can make the biggest changes in many relationships. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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Taurus Career Prospects For Astrology predictions for Taurus predict that you will need to act especially professional this year if you want to succeed. You will be pretty booked all year. This is great if you have your own business, but it can also be stressful at times. It would be ideal if you had a job where you got to think creatively.

Taurus horoscope 2020: Prepared to be stubborn?

There is room for creative thinking in nearly every job. So try to find out where you can use your creative thinking at work. Taurus Finance Forecasts Taurus, while you may not want to think about last year, it is sure to affect your finances this year. Try to repair any damage you may have made last year before you treat yourself this year especially during the Mercury retrograde.

Make sure that you make the right choices, even if it takes a while for you to make them. You will also need to work hard to manage your time and money.

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  7. Managing your health this year is also important, Taurus. Try to get some exercise routine going and try to eat a balanced diet so that you can stay as healthy as possible. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! You should try to improve yourself this year. January is when the Taurus sun sign need to be careful on the health front. One of the few most positive aspects of will be the Solar Eclipse at your Seventh House of Wedding on October This could be a sign of long-term change, causing a real turnaround in the situation.

    Planetary Influences on Taurus in 2020

    While Mars controls our most visceral and carnal impulses, Venus cherishes for subtlety and stability. It is true that this ruler gives a more leisurely air to Taurus and this is how it will be the next year for this sign. When we want to know more about our love life, we need to look at our 7th House. This is the house that indicates how our relationships, love and marriage will be.

    Taurus February 2020 Horoscope Monthly Overview

    In , this house will not be the focus for Taurus. Mars is restless and makes people have an almost uncontrollable desire to get out and around. People of all signs must be affected by the energy of this planet, favoring many encounters in the coming year. But Mars suggests unstable encounters. You will be invited to various events, parties and will make new contacts. All this movement will make you happy and fulfilled, but you will realize that everything will have a passing air.

    Love and commitment will be placed in the background and so it will be a different year for you, who has Venus as the ruler. Venus will always prioritize safety and solidity rather than things that easily fall apart. This time, sex and passion will be more important than love. Love horoscope for Taurus indicates that your social circle will expand, but slowly, continuously and steadily. While this is happening, you should naturally eliminate from your life situations and people that no longer make sense to you. You should feel this change especially after 4th of February. It is that Jupiter , the planet of expansion and wealth, will enter your 11th House.

    This means that group and club activities will be great entertainment options for you. And better, it could bear fruit! You will work as a gimmick for wealthy people involved with financial activities. They will probably be more mature and have a more refined taste. It will be a great time to partner with these people and do business. Enjoy that love is not the focus and throw yourself into personal prosperity.