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Debbie Macomber. Patricia MacLachlan. Giuliana Morandini. Tilly Aston. Learn more, view photographs of Hairy Henry's colors, and some of Gene Anthongy's photographs at this webpage of the Chop Cult website. Highlights: Poet in residence at California Institute of Technology. Involved with The Invisible Circus, a Digger event. Participates in the Bedrock One, a benefit for the Communication Company. Participates in several poetry readings.

Trout Fishing in America published. All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace published.

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Brautigan began a relationship with Michaela Blake-Grand, the former girlfriend of Andy Cole, with whom Brautigan shared an apartment October-December see above. Known as "Mikey," Brautigan called Blake-Grand his muse. The event was conceived by Brautigan, who told owner Lou Marcelli he would arrange for Allen Ginsberg to headline the event.

Brautigan drew the 8. We love you! Additionally, the event was advertised on page five of the January edition of the Oracle and in a column written by Ralph Gleason for the San Francisco Chronicle. Despite this minimal advertising, the event drew more than one hundred people.

The Diggers were a group of civic anarchists who tried to achieve social change through various planned but "leaderless" events. Brautigan attended a party hosted by Andrew Hoyem at his Fell Street apartment. Hoyem called his party "Meet My Television Set. The six-block area was filled with over twenty thousand people. Brautigan and Hoyem were to be poets-in-residence for the following ten days.

Arriving at night, Brautigan and Hoyem were housed in the guest suite at Ricketts House on the Cal Tech campus where they enjoyed a late night party. A cocktail reception at the home of Irish poet W. They lived in the guest suite at Ricketts House. This was the first of Brautigan's teaching experiences. The invitation came from John F. Crawford, instructor in the English Department who was working with Hoyem to publish a new translation of the Middle English poem Pearl.

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Crawford wrote a short essay, titled "Poets in Transit," about Brautigan and Hoyem visiting the California Institute of Technology, which was published in Engineering and Science , February During his time at Cal Tech, Brautigan wrote the poem At the California Institute of Technology , which was first published in the May issue of the school's literary magazine, Totem. Neither were ever collected or published. Additionally, he wrote Blake-Grand three times during his residency at Cal Tech.

Following the conclusion of their residency, Brautigan and Hoyem visited with physicist Richard Feynman whose work with quantum electrodynamics had won the Nobel Prize two years earlier. Additionally, they spent time in Hollywood where Brautigan wrote a poem never published entitled "Hollywood" in which he noted lonely men taking out the trash along a residential street overlooked by the famous Hollywood sign. Brautigan and Hoyem were to read that evening at the Unicorn Book Shop.

Following the reading, Brautigan persuaded Morgan to join him and others for a visit to the hot spring at Gaviota State Park. They were doing a reading that night at the Unicorn. We chatted a little.

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  • We all headed up there in a VW MiniVan smoking weed and Richard played the finger cymbals and chanted. Richard did not smoke. It was a magical night with a full moon in the amazing hot pool in an opening in the woods with bats swooping over our heads. Andrew wrote a poem about it. I thought he was quirky and interesting.

    Physically he was none too attractive, but he was charming. I think I brought him home to my apartment with me that night and then he started writing me and inviting me to visit him in the City. He came down to Isla Vista again several more times. When he arranged for his neighbor Erik [Weber] to photograph the two of us that is what I was wearing.

    The photos there is one of me alone too were certainly not flattering of me. Richard liked to drink and at that time I was not a drinker at all. I had had a couple of glasses of wine the night before and was feeling horribly hung over. We had had dinner with, I think it was, Ron Loewenstein over in Berkeley.

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    Even though Richard didn't drive we managed to get around lots of places. He was very restless and seemed to want to be constantly active and on the go. I was used to sitting around smoking dope and listening to music for hours on end, so it was always exciting to be with Richard. He came down to Isla Vista and could not stop talking about all his glorious achievements.

    Previously he had been a humble, quirky, all too human character. I couldn't take the bragging and gave him the cold shoulder. I greeted him warmly and he pretended not to recognize me. It was really bizarre and insulting.

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    I don't know what that was about. But it changed my feelings about Richard and seemed a natural progression of the bloated ego he had exhibited in June of Email to John F. Barber, 4 December Brautigan and Morgan visited each other frequently.

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    Brautigan participated in the planning for the event, arranged for Victor Moscoso to produce an event poster, and coordinated The John Dillinger Computer Complex. On behalf of the Diggers, Brautigan "phoned Victor Moscoso and asked him to do a poster for the event. The single sheet, 5" x 7" announcement was printed black and white, and signed by Moscoso.